Le Comptoir du Bain

Faustine's story

Hello everyone! My name is Faustine and I am the brand ambassador for Le Comptoir du Bain. Isn't that fun?

One day I was in a pharmacy and I stumbled upon the liquid soaps from Le Comptoir du Bain. I must say they really stand out from the other brands! Bursting with colour (which fits perfectly with my bathroom) and highly original fragrances at extremely affordable prices... It was love at first sight!

It is true that it took me a long time to choose a scent, so I ended up trying all of them! And what a pleasure! All our senses come to life when we use these products...

A divine romance began that day – I am in love! Plus they have other really great products in their range (which I will introduce to you on this site)! I cannot do without my Le Comptoir du Bain products. I use them throughout the day and each time is an escape to pleasure and well-being!

Finally (and then I will stop – I promise!), Le Comptoir du Bain products remind me of my childhood, when my grandmother used Traditional Marseille Soaps to wash us, clean our clothes, do the dishes...What a treat it is to remember those tender moments! Thanks a
million, Le Comptoir du Bain!

Now I can say it: Le Comptoir du Bain has everything going for it!

So follow my example and get the full Le Comptoir du Bain experience. Shall we?

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Le Comptoir du Bain is a French brand that combines tradition, pleasure and modernity to provide a broad range of personal care and well-being products of the highest quality that feature bright colours and fragrances.