Le Comptoir du Bain

A true story

Come discover the world of Le Comptoir du Bain as we share its brief history with you...

Back in September 2002 my favourite (and surely your favourite) brand of traditional, natural and gentle products was created. It was called Le Comptoir du Pharmacien and offered a range of personal care and aromatherapy products.

Being part of Groupe Batteur, an independent, family-owned corporation, granted Le Comptoir du Pharmacien access to cutting-edge production resources, technological know-how, proven logistics and an implicit guarantee of quality and reliability. Plus the group
owned its own soap-making factory, which notably produced soaps for wall-mounted holders, soaps on ropes, sets of 24 scented soaps and the first three varieties of liquid Marseille soaps – unscented, lemon-mint and lavender – in 500 ml and 1 L bottles.

In 2003, the range of liquid Marseille soaps grew with the addition of several fragrances. Lotions, shower gels, body butters, floral waters and liquorice bark were also added.

In 2005, the brand introduced 100 g stamped soaps, Marseille shower soaps, aromatic soaps with flowers, a green clay range and a full range of men's products to delight and pamper everyone!

2006 saw the addition of gift baskets (for others or oneself!), 500 ml liquid Marseille soap with organic olive oil and the men's shaving range.

The brand eliminated its aromatherapy products to become the label you know today: Le Comptoir du Bain…

In 2007, the brand rounded out its soap range with organic oils: peppermint and orange. It also launched its 100 g round soaps and a 60 ml bottle of organic sweet almond oil.

In 2008, the brand began selling 500 ml bottles of liquid soap and 150 g cakes of Aleppo soap. In the same year, more gift sets were introduced and the organic liquids line got a makeover.

In 2012, Le Comptoir du Bain debuted two new soap fragrances, verbena and ocean, to form a comprehensive range of 10 fragrances plus the unscented extra-rich version to cover all tastes. The brand also launched three hand creams in a 250 ml pump bottle: poppy, orange blossom water and rose.

Finally, in 2014, the brand was redesigned from top to bottom to respond to today's demands...

Le Comptoir du Bain, the number one drugstore brand for liquid soaps, is above all a range of made-in-France products that promise quality and well-being. The products feature vibrant colours and trendy scents that are both refined and indulgent to offer a daily dose of pleasure. But we also offer a fusion of modernity and tradition through a range of products developed with the authentic know-how of our master soap maker and the expertise of our perfumer in Grasse.

So give in to temptation and fall in love with our Le Comptoir du Bain products, available in pharmacies and drugstores! You won't regret it...

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Le Comptoir du Bain is a French brand that combines tradition, pleasure and modernity to provide a broad range of personal care and well-being products of the highest quality that feature bright colours and fragrances.